Setting Lights to the Hills

This Easter I’ve decided to hold a light service for those with prayers for blessing and protection throughout the coming season to help give back to the community.

On Good Friday, I will make a mixture of river water, Blessed salt, and other traditional ingredients. The candles will be dressed on Easter Saturday and your prayers written on them; they will then be baptized in the same water and set in the bin ready to burn. They will all be lit exactly at sunrise on Easter Morning (April 1st) when, according to Appalachian folklore, the sun dances on the horizon.

The free flow rate for one candle to be set for you is $7-10. I have 25 spaces left. If you’d like to have your prayers set by the candle on Easter Morning click here.

After Easter, I will also be sending out the first newsletter for Tennessee Tales. This will give subscribers tid bits of info, chances to win giveaways, insider looks at my book also with updates on the publication of it. If you’d like to receive it then subscribe here.

As I’m coming close to finishing the book and turning it in, I won’t be as active here as I usually am, but I will be back soon. Until then, you can keep up with me on my social media pages below. Thank you for your readership!

Instagram: @jakerichards13

Facebook: Jake Richards

Tumblr blog: Testimony of an Appalachian Root-Doctor

Twitter: JakeRichards131

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Author: Jake Richards

Jake (Dr. Henny) follows family practice as a Yarb Doctor and Conjure man in the Appalachian Folk Magic tradition. He follows the legacy of his mother (a seventh daughter), that left behind by his grandfather, a baptist preacher and blood charmer; his grandmother, who was a knowledgeable woman in these works before Alzheimer’s set in; his great, great grandfather who witches for water in Washington County and his great grandmother who taught and worked from her roost on Mitchell Mountain in NC. Jake is currently working on his first book, tentatively called Backwoods Witchcraft: the Hoodoos of Appalachia with Red Wheel/Weiser Books, set to be on the shelves Spring 2019. When he's not writing, blogging, reading the bones or trying for clients: he is either traveling, gardening, sewing, book binding, reading, or sculpting. For questions, readings, recommendations for future posts, interviews and the like, you are welcome to email him below:

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