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Unspoken Law: Stealing, Cheating, and Lying

I’ve decided to keep the blog up. No one gets the best of me, no matter what their story. I learned along time ago not to trust too many folks and doing just that has had folks let me be. As many of you noticed the blog was down. I received a plethora of emails, letting me know tons of people were requesting access to the site. I saw them all as questionable. I saw their name again and shunned away, not trusting the possibility of it occurring again.

I won’t name names, but someone began reblogging all of my posts and even copy/pasted the first post here, word for word. But they changed the name of it so they had obviously read it. Their excuse when I confronted them with possible copyright infringement was it was somehow already in their clipboard so they pasted it to figure where it came from.

Only issue with that excuse was I never had “Source: littlechicagoconjure.weebly.com” at the end. Why would I put that in my own post? Also none of that content can be found on my website. I felt violated and used as my own writings, those I share freely with you all from my life and heart, of my own home and family had been misused.

Make no mistake, I was madder than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but I wasn’t going to let that cloud my thinking nor guide my hands. “Anything done out of anger is the Devil dancing,” I was taught growing up. So I cooled off and pondered it for a couple days. I truly no longer wanted to write here. I still kind of don’t.

There are unspoken laws we follow in Appalachia and they are whipped into our ass with a switch at a young at. Stealing, lying, and cheating are unforgivable in our small culture and it’ll damage your character to us for life often time. We are easy to forgive, but we remember as much as the stones under our feet.

Sometimes, forgiveness comes after retribution. Mama always taught me “don’t start a fight, but always make sure you finish it.” These words have always branded my bones with iron and stilled my blood with mercury. I’m no push-over and I’ll be damned and dying if I let someone take what is rightfully mine.

Share these posts all you want on social media (reblogging for my site has now been disabled), but give credit where it’s due. To take something and say it is your own is a sign of your shitty character. Especially your writing if it is nothing but other people’s content. And then to lie to me about it all…

I will let it breath for now. But hear y’all well. Next time, I may just round-dance with the devil over your name. Mind you well.