Recipes and Charms

Below are some traditional recipes and works of Appalachian Folk Magic. More will be found in by book once its published.

*in the United States, by the Migration laws, it is illegal to own anything in relation to a migratory bird. Keep this in mind.

*Some species of frogs and other amphibians are endangered in the United States. They are extremely vulnerable to the oils of your hands, changes in temperature, and any other change in their environment which can be terminal for them.

*Animal abuse is against federal law.

*Whatever you do, do it as ethically as possible with little to no disruption to the environment or the animal.

For Good Luck

  • Sprinkle new salt in your shoes
  • Carry the left hind foot of a rabbit
  • A rag with dried frog blood on it is carried in the left pocket. After acquiring the blood, bury the rag in the front yard for 8 days. On the ninth day, take it up and you’ll be lucky from then on.
  • A bone from a black cat is carried
  • A bone from the front right paw of a possum is carried

• Dried tip of a cow’s tongue

To draw customers

  • Take your first urine of the morning and mix it with ashes of red onion skin and three cap fulls of whiskey. Use this to wash the doorstep of the property or simply pour it out in the driveway.
  • Burn red onion skin on Friday at noon.
  • Place four pennies in the inside corners of the property and cover them with a pile of new salt while telling it to bring you all sorts of luck.

To find a job

  • Carry a red onion in the left pocket
  • Take a piece of string the exact measurements your right foot. Take three hairs from the left side of your head and carry this in a packet of newspaper.
  • Carry a silver dime (minted before 1964) or one of your birth year in a flannel bag with goldenrod blooms, Solomon’s seal root, and horsehair cut to the length of your right pinky finger.

To incite new love

  • Get three sticks from the nest of a dove. Soak them in a mixture of your urine (1/2 cup) to (1pint) whiskey for three days and bury under your door step for your preferred partner to walk over.
  • Take a turkey feather and measure it with a red string on a Sunday. Wear this around your right wrist.
  • Bury your name and that of a potential love under a willow tree, on the east side where the morning sun first falls on the wood.
  • Take a queen Elizabeth root and use it to measure your left ring finger. Where your finger ends on the root, carve out a hole about 1/2 a cent in diameter, and save the piece for later. Take a white hair from a black cat (usually happens in old age), the toe nail clipping of your little toe on the right foot, and some of their fluids or toe nail clippings. Place all of this into the hole and shove it in there. Plug it back up with the piece you saved and wrap the root in that place with a red string. Hide this in their mattress.

Get a lover to return

  • Say their name three times while shuffling a new deck of cards. On the final recitation, pull a card from the deck. Keep doing this until you get a king (if they’re a man) or a Queen for a woman. Take this card and tape it to the head of the bed on their side facing out. Make a mixture of snuff, your urine, and honey. Smear this on the mouth each day while talking to them and saying their name, apologizing if you need to and so on.
  • Get three sticks from a robins nest that has eggs in it. Don’t touch the eggs. Take these sticks and dip them in whiskey in which you’ve soaked your toe nails for nine days. Bind these sticks with their photo or their unwashed clothes and hang above the front door.
  • Take a handful of salt and toss it into the fire each morning for nine mornings while saying their name and telling them to come back.

To keep your landlord kind or to stay in the Home your in

  • Sprinkle a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon around the inside of the house
  • Tack three gold eye needles into the top door frame of the front door vertically so the points go downwards.
  • Take nine pins that have never pierced fabric of any kind and tack them the same as above but divide them up for each door way of the home. So if you have two doors, divide it four for one and five for the other and so on.

To keep the law away or keep them kind

  • Use the above mixture of cinnamon and sugar for this as well in the same fashion.
  • Take three Indian head pennies and nail them into the inside top frame of the door, facing outwards.
  • Measure the door from outside, from the upper left corner down to the lower right corner with a red string. Piss in a bottle and shut it up with the string inside. Bury this in your front yard fist deep.
  • Get some dirt from a church, horse hair cut to the length of the residents big toe, one hair cut for each person of the household, and three new pins. Wrap this into a packet of brown paper, tie it with a string and bury it at the right side of the front door.
  • Take a stolen pocket knife and carve three small crosses above the doorway to the home.
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